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Dream house


2 dreams with houses this week.

nb: I was diagnosed with hypersomnia last fall, part of which involved me not getting much deep sleep. I definitely wasn't dreaming. I am back to dreaming now and that is good for my brain.

dream 1: i was living in a house and remembered that the basement held a passage to a further basement and/or set of underground tunnels/caves that i'd forgotten about but wanted to explore. plus, there was an estate sale going on down there and i didn't want other people to get all the good stuff. but i kept having to take care of other things first (like taking care of W), plus H didn't want me to go down there (i have no idea why he was in this dream as someone who had any right to tell me what to do), plus i was intermittently terrified of the ghosts i would find down there. actually, i think what it was was that i knew i would be taking W down there with me, partly to show her the weirdness/awesomeness of the place, but knew also that there would be ghosts and scary things there that she wouldn't want to see. i knew this because this house and its underground passageways have been in previous dreams for many years.

dream 2: i am in D's house and his house is kind of cozy and cabin-like, like the place i stayed in ithaca. we're on the bed, just about ready to #$%^, and he pulls out this string of condoms and i'm like, where did you get THOSE? because they look like discount store condoms or something. and he's like, oh i found them in one of my apartments (meaning that the moved-out tenant left them behind). i am not okay with that, but before we can discuss it, a neighbor lady walks in the door--an attractive woman--and we scramble to get up, and she's all just being friendly and nice about having walked into his house. to D, i'm like, you really should lock your doors, and he's like, oh no, i wouldn't want to do that. she's just a nice lady who means no harm.

this becomes a pattern and i'm convinced that she's peering in on us and trying to break us up before we #$%^. she does this walk-in business a few times, and then finally i'm able to show D that she's looking in the window before she does her oopsy walk-in thing. she is now just coming in and hanging out while i'm around and i get sick of it and tell him i need a break from this bullshit and from him.

these dreams are pretty obvious.

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