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Dream ark run aground

I love how that title looks so wrong. Like the M on dream belongs at the beginning of ark, and there are too many Rs adjacent to odd letters like G and K. It looks like it could be an IKEA label.

ANYWAY. I had this whole crazy dream in one sleep cycle before midnight last night. I don't even usually go to bed before midnight, but last night, I couldn't NOT go to bed.

Part 1. This part of the dream is now the fuzziest. But it involved three intertwined stories that included farms and tomatoes. The people in the stories were sort of young and sitcom-interesting, and I was an observer to their stories, sort of moving through their stories/lives though not taking direct part in them.

Part 2. All these people end up being characters in a show/play or something and it's the last show/episode/whatever and cast/crew is walking off/saying goodbye and I am lingering wanting to say goodbye to one of the women characters, but I don't think anyone really knows me/I am a bystander/viewer, so instead I head with others to the parking lot to go home, There's one little girl who doesn't seem to have anyone to go home with. She should have a mother but her mother is missing. She gets in my car and I'm going to give her a ride home.

Part 3. Now I have all the people who were in the parking lot in my car, and my car turns into a kind of barge, and I'm supposed to be steering it (on land, next to water) but I'm not paying attention and it ends up in the water and starts to sink. People onboard are hanging on but they're going to drown for sure. Everyone starts yelling at me that I've killed them, so I try to maneuver the barge toward land so that their bodies will be sort of thrown by waves onto the beach, but there are a couple of wall-like barriers, and when their bodies land, they look like shriveled-up, shrunken version of themselves. They are so pissed at me. I make it out, but I was definitely dead, and I go to the hospital and look at myself in the mirror and I am all white. I try to rub the white off my face, but doing that, my teeth start coming out. I'm horrified by that and I try to put them back in, but I can't figure out how to make them fit. Willow comes by and complains about something that I haven't done yet, and I'm like--I WAS DEAD--and she just shakes her head and walks away unimpressed.

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