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Winter storm dream

i've had a lot of dreams lately, but haven't been writing anything down. here's one though:

i'm on a college campus type place, in a low building that has my office in it, or my former office, meaning the room where i used to work in a previous job--maybe my press job. the room itself is just a small cube-shaped room with a window in the door and lots of old-timey knickknacks all over that are dusty from non-use: i haven't been in that room in a long time. i try to get in, but i don't have the right key. later in the dream, i realize the key was on another key ring and i put both key rings together.

then there's a crazy winter storm that starts with wind and just freezes everything over. it's unsafe to go outside and most people don't know. i have to tell a woman taking her baby for a walk to go back inside because they will freeze.

so there are all these buildings with people in them, some like dorms and some like hangout spots/cafes, and i walk back into the one with my office in it and i am the only one there. some guy walks in and he looks like a cross between daniel craig and that food network guy on restaurant: impossible. totally badass super spy type, and i (or the character i am in this dream) are partners and are going to complete some mission that has to do with the world freezing over. in the dream, i am much younger than i am now and adorable, and it occurs to me what a hollywood stereotype it is for this older dude to have hot young me as his sidekick/girlfriend.

there's also lots of ice in the dream, like a floor that's turned into an ice rink.

just remembered: at some point before the winter storm, i'm told to go down to the basement* with another girl, that there will be a furnished room down there. we go downstairs and it's just a creepy cement-walled basement, but then we spot a door and open it, and in there is another windowless, cement-walled room (in which there is a crazy-looking, electrified yellow hair girl). i get scared that the person who told us to come down here is locking us in, so i turn around and try to get out before they can lock the door to the upstairs.

*this is the basement in many of my dreams--the one that has catacomb-like underground tunnels.

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